Beyond Thanks: The Gratitude-Driven Success Strategy

Scott and Deborah Floyd
Scott and Deborah Floyd

November 30, 2023

Beyond Thanks: The Gratitude-Driven Success Strategy


Thank you.  

It feels so refreshing and simple.


It could almost be forgotten or overlooked– But that would be a mistake.


It's unlikely anyone will refute that the world is moving faster and faster by the day.

And marketing in today's lightning-paced world demands strategy, creativity, and a genuinely authentic connection with your audience. When genuine, gratitude can be a game-changer that elevates your marketing strategy, improves customer engagement, and boosts your business's success. It's not just the "power of positive thinking." 

It's about how our state of mind impacts our environment and outcomes.


Research-backed Insights on Gratitude in Marketing


Let's start with a look at the scientific insights into the role of gratitude in marketing:


Customer-Centric Approach: 

Research published in the Journal of Consumer Marketing demonstrates that expressing gratitude to customers leads to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty. A customer-centric approach based on gratitude can set your brand apart from the competition. How do you feel when someone genuinely thanks you? What does it make you think?


Positive Messaging: 

A study by Ming-Hui Huang and Michael K. Brady, published in the Journal of Marketing, emphasizes the importance of positive messaging in marketing. Gratitude-inspired messages are more authentic and persuasive, connecting with your audience on a deeper level. Psychology can blanket almost any industry at some level. As marketers, it's our job to think about what others are thinking and how they might navigate a given message or circumstance; gratitude is a great way to connect.  


Word-of-Mouth Marketing: 

The Journal of Marketing Research reports that satisfied customers who feel appreciated are likelier to become brand advocates. This word-of-mouth marketing can significantly impact your brand's reputation and growth. On average, a consumer is 10 times more likely to share a negative experience versus a positive one. If gratitude can turn a customer or client into a vocal advocate, you have unlocked a powerful tool to grow your business!


Creative Content: 

Gratitude can fuel creativity in marketing. A study by Danie Schreuder, published in theJournal of Business and Industrial Marketing, suggests that gratitude-inspired content can increase engagement and brand differentiation, making your message stand out.



The Harvard Business Review emphasizes the role of gratitude in building trust.When your audience sees that you genuinely care and are thankful for their support, they are likelier to trust your brand and engage with your marketing efforts. Genuine trust is a bond not easily broken. When you are upfront, honest, and thankful, your audience can relax, knowing they don't need to second guess your message. They'll take it at face value because you've proven yourself to be trustworthy.


Applying Gratitude in Your Marketing Strategy


To infuse gratitude into your marketing strategy:


- Build messages that genuinely express appreciation for your customers. It really needs to be authentic, or it may backfire.

- Develop creative and emotionally resonant content that focuses on the positive aspects of your products or services.

- Reward and recognize your loyal customers and advocates.

- Encourage satisfied customers to share their experiences and serve as brand advocates.


By incorporating gratitude into your marketing strategy, you can create a more genuine and compelling brand experience for your audience, build trust, and gain advocates. Gratitude isn't just a positive emotion; it's a state-of-mind style strategy that can infiltrate all aspects of your marketing plan, giving you a beautiful advantage.



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